Gone to Harbor

by Josiah Letchworth

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released August 20, 2015

All songs were written, performed, and recorded by Josiah Letchworth.

Mastered by ADG Mastering.



all rights reserved


Josiah Letchworth Lexington, Kentucky

Josiah Letchworth is a songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. Gone to Harbor is his most recent album.
His upcoming project New Pigeon is set to be released in 2017.

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Track Name: Lonely Too
You’ve grown accustomed to the compliments from pretty people that you call your friends, / But when their words are gone, you’ll wonder where it is they all went. / Your good looks always have preceded you, knew how to use them when you needed to, / But when they’re moving on, you’ll wonder why it is they leave you. / Come on, I know that you are
lonely, too. / So honey, won’t you be alone with me? / The optimism caught inside your head keeps you from sleeping in your twin-sized bed. / You dream of loving someone, / But you haven’t even tried yet. / You’ve seen what you’re looking for. / Don’t be too blind to choose what you can’t ignore. / Feel free to feel lonely, / But it’s only in your head it’s only yours.
Track Name: No One So Close
If I had the hands, then I’d try to catch you; never know that I will. / I’ve been running circles since the time I met you, and you’re still out of reach. / Every man has tried to get his hands on you just to hold you for a while. / I should say that you can leave me if you want to; darling, I’ll let you be. / So I’ll be the last one to let you go. / Don’t make me the first one to let you know / No one has ever come so close. / If I had the hands, then I’d try to catch you. / There is nothing I can hold; / So if you want to leave, then I’ll have to let you; / But you’ll go with my heart. / Any man who ever said you
were a savior knew that you were out of reach. / Were you only trying to do them all a favor? / Then just be what you are.
Track Name: When the Morning Comes
You asked your question, but I could not reply. / What could I say, but I can only try? / And my confession, that I could not decide an answer for the dawn without the light. / “Will you still love me when the morning comes, / Right at the start of your day? / Will you still love me when the morning comes, / Or will your heart feel a change? / Will you still love me when the morning comes? / I need to hear you say.” / How could I go leaving all I’d ever need, no other place that I would rather be? / But I’ll never know what tomorrow might not bring, what neither one of us could ever see. /
“I need to hear you say you’ll never leave. / Swear that you could always feel the same, and I’d agree; / But I won’t stay if you don’t answer me.” / You asked your question, but I could not reply. / What could I say, but I can only try?
Track Name: I'm Fine
Go drown my worries in the water, so I won’t know it when they’re gone. / Like searching for some buried treasure with a map and a land that don’t correspond. / Brave cat marooned out on a tree branch, lured in by some sweet robin’s song. / The only thing keeping him from jumping now are unfounded fears of landing wrong. / I’ve been cast away at sea for a long time, / And when you come to rescue me, I’ll have lost my mind; / So don’t believe a thing that I tell you when I say that I’m fine, / When I say that I’m fine. / Inside my head there lives an army camping out in a thousand
tents. / The runner carrying their orders could only wash his hands. / Leave me again, you leave me no choice; / Exiled on the waves awaiting your voice.
Track Name: Was It My Fault for Asking?
I know you lied. / Was it my fault for asking? /
You know I tried. / Was it not made to last then? /
Not made to last this long.
Track Name: Holy Ground
Fold up your portmanteau; burn a match for the light. / Bathed in the orange glow, it won’t last through the night. / Leave all the furniture standing on their own feet. / Laws that you learned for her crumble under the heat. / Turn, turn around. It’s not holy ground. / Turn, turn around. It’s all holy ground.
Track Name: Settle for Goodbye
Hushed beneath the sheet of night, we stumbled towards the end / Of dragging out a long goodbye. I spoke it like a sin, / Almost ashamed of it, afraid to even try. / Torn more with every silent cue, affection poorly made; / Once fresher than the morning dew, now dried up by the day, / All that we left to say with nothing more to do. / Some things I wish I told her that I could tell her still. / Before she goes, I hold her close and know I never will / Unless I wait until it’s far too late. / I’ll decide to settle for goodbye. / There’s always more that could be said when nothing’s left to show. / I could tell myself she never left, but soon enough I know / I’d have to act
as though we never even met.
Track Name: Backseat Chauffeur
You tried to learn how to live without ever looking at them. / They could talk from inside of a phone booth with all the confidence lost in your own youth / when you were still shy with a walk in the street. / She goes by, and you’re watching your own two feet. / What could you want but the time right in front of you? / And all you could learn from a step off the curb / and a hail to the taxi cab, backseat chauffeur. / You tried to learn how to love without giving anything up, / so you offered a sense of direction, / paid all your compliments, lost all affection, / promised you could live up to your first impression, / lies that your time in the mirror perfected when you were still light with a walk in the street. / You go by, and she’s watching
her own two feet. / But it’s fading away with the morning light, / out of your day and out of your life.
Track Name: We've Got Something
See the train a-rolling down the line. Hear the whistle blowing like a chime. / I can feel a change a-coming now I got you and you got me, and we got something. / Meet me now I won’t forget your name ‘cause I’ll
come back for good some other day, / And don’t forget mine either honey ‘cause I got you and you got me, and we got something. / I will swear to wait for your sweet kiss if you say it’s mine you’re gonna
miss. / I’ll come from across the country / So I got you and you got me, and we got something. / While I’m gone I hope you understand that men will surely try to win your hand, / But darling keep your distance from them ‘cause I got you and you got me, and we got something. / You should know I’m dreaming every night of the place our two ways
reunite. / That is where my tracks are running till I got you and you got me ‘cause we got something. / I’ve been everywhere this train will go, seen the wonders of the world alone, / But everything I’ve done was nothing till I got you and you got me, and we got something. / See the train a-coming round the bend. Hear the whistle calling for the end. / I am through with all my roaming / Now I got you and you got me, and we got something.